O’Botz offers Online Coding & Robotics Classes for kids

Online Coding Classes for Kids during Covid-19 Closure

O’Botz offers Online Coding & Robotics Classes for kids

Every year parents are looking to keep their child engaged during Summer and avoid the loss of learning. But this is a ‘New Normal’. Earlier it was 2-3 months of Summer break, but now we have this extended and indefinite closure. As a parent, you can grab this opportunity to instill new skills in your child. Let’s talk about coding and how you can introduce it in your child’s life.

What is Coding?

In simple terms, coding is directing a computer to perform certain tasks through step-by-step commands. So, if you want mobile apps to respond to voice commands, you need coding. If you need a security lock to open with a specific password, you need coding. Coding is everywhere in this tech-driven world, and it is important for children to learn coding to stay relevant in the future.

There are coding toys for kids, coding robot, how to code online tutorials available for children to explore and develop their coding skills.

Why children should learn coding?

One of the reports indicate that 80% of the future jobs will demand technical skills, and coding is one great way towards digital literacy of children. Introducing children to coding gives them early access to how digital technology works. Many of the other benefits are related to how coding helps children to think and develop skills that they will need in future.

With the help of coding, children develop:

  • Problem-solving
  • Computational Thinking
  • Creative Skills
  • Logic & Analysis
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Perseverance
  • Collaboration

The demand for coders is increasing day by day and your child can expect a thriving career in the future if he/she develops coding skills.

How to introduce children to coding?

Initially, you might find it tough to make children sit and learn technical aspects of coding. However, many children have learnt it and once your child’s initial jitters are over, he/she will absolutely love it. Specially designed coding toys for kids help children reap the benefits of learning to code. During this closure, O’Botz is offering online coding classes for children to get introduced to coding and learn how to code online.

What can you expect in O’Botz Online Coding Classes?

O’Botz is a STEM-based Robotics program for children that teaches them Robotics and coding. It helps children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills. We have trained instructors who help children learn how to code online. Limited number of students per class allows focused attention on your child.

You can avail Free Trial Class and get the first-hand experience.
To set-up an online robotics class for your child, please email us at info@obotz.ca
For more information, visit: www.obotz.ca

Coding for teens: What makes it a valuable skill for Children of Today?

O’Botz STEM-based Robotics for kids course develops excellent coding skills in children.

Few years back, programming languages were a rare and untouched subject and very few people were aware of it. But time has changed. Technology has become the single most powerful tool for most of the professions. Even kids today have more knowledge of all the latest technologies and gadgets.

Talking of gadgets, all latest products and games are digitized and the meaning of gaming is changed. Earlier, it was not necessary for everyone to use gadgets, but as time is changing, these digitized gadgets have replaced most of the products which are used in day to day life. Simply put, these gadgets are called Robots. The study related to design, construction, operation and use of robots is called Robotics.

Robotics involves the knowledge of both coding (software) as well as hardware. Robotics is a wide area of study and it is very useful for kids and teenagers to get trained in this field. As robotics is the combination of many fields – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – the combination of these forces is called STEM robotics.

As robotics is a very new area, traditional school education cannot quite give students a good grip on the subject. So it is very important for students to get external help to learn and practice the art of coding. If your teenager seems interested in gadgets and curious to learn more about how to create them, you should motivate this curious nature and start searching for robotics courses.

The easiest way is to hop on google right now and do a ‘robotic classes near me’ search. If your child learns to code from a very young age, then he/she will be able to practice more and perfect it. Also if you want to really facilitate your child’s creativity with robots and further get them interested, buy them a few toys which are more related to robots.

There are many robot kits available for kids that use a little bit of technical knowledge and if your child is interested in robots then he/she is definitely going to enjoy those. Robotics for kids is very different than for teenagers.

For kids, it is important to learn how to use the robots so that they can play and enjoy. But as they grow up, they become more curious and they may want to learn and explore what else can be done with the robot to make it work in different ways.

For a younger learner, robotics is fun and gets them excited but for a teenager, it proves to be an essential skill that they can use not only in a career in technology, but in literally any field of work. Want to know where to start? O’Botz is definitely one of the best options.

O’Botz is a STEM-based Robotics program for children that teaches them Robotics and coding. It helps children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills for success in school and beyond. To set-up an online robotics class for your child, please email us at info@obotz.ca
For more information, visit: www.obotz.ca

Online Robotics Classes: A Great Way to Develop Your Child’s STEM Skills

O’Botz after school program offers online classes of robotics for kids, which are based on STEM learning.

Learning never stops. Even in the most testing times, it is important for educational institutions to make sure that their pupils get a wholesome education and do not stop learning. The recent COVID-19 crisis has proved to be a tough speed bump in the way we live our day-to-day lives. Even so, finding solutions is more important than complaining about the conditions.

Conducting online classes and relying on the internet to conduct contact-less lectures has turned out to be a huge step forward in making education accessible for everyone from the comfort of their home. It is both a challenge and an exciting new way of learning. Most students are finding this new way of learning good and reliable, given the present conditions.

But the real question is, for most after school programs, do students have the same level of motivation? And is it possible, especially in case of STEM learning, to create the same kind of learning environment online?

O’botz has been carrying out robotics courses for a long time now and we have dedicated subject area experts who help making robotics for kids a fun and easy-to-learn experience. For us, online classes only mean a change of medium. There are definitely some added efforts that are required to make online classes as smooth as normal classroom scenarios, like:

  1. Continued and timely communication
  2. Assignments and follow ups
  3. Student engagement activities
  4. Online study material
  5. Being available when the students need
  6. Making sure everyone is equally involved

But if you do it right, this could prove to be a great time for students to use their time efficiently and learn more things at just some clicks and taps. It is also a great way to keep their minds away from the fears and uncertainties of the situation that the world is going through. As for O’Botz, nothing can quite throw us off the path of serving our students with a wholesome and super fun robotics education!

O’Botz is a STEM-based Robotics program for children that teaches them Robotics and coding. It helps children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills for success in school and beyond.

To set-up an online robotics class for your child, please email us at info@obotz.ca
For more information, visit: www.obotz.ca

Canadian Kids are Developing their Math & Science Skills with Robotics | O’Botz

Kids Robotics is increasingly getting popular in Canada. Know how O’Botz Robotics course can help your child develop academic capabilities, including science and math.

Be it blocks, remote-controlled car or puzzles, children simply love to create using their imagination. If channelized properly, this desire of theirs can be used to develop a lifelong love for science and math. With the rise of innovative learning methods, academicians and parents are looking towards kids robotics to teach their children in novel ways.

Robotics for kids is interesting, engaging and gets your child really excited. But getting exposed to robotics is not just about having a fun time, it’s all about learning essential concepts of math and science. Let’s explore more.

Enhancing Math Capabilities

For many children, math does not come easy and naturally, especially when they have to go beyond the basic concepts. It becomes difficult for them as they progress in their grades. Kids robotics is helping address that concern.

While designing and building robotic models, children are exposed to the application of numbers, calculations and other math concepts. They get real-life application experience of how numbers and calculations work while working with different components. From simple calculations like addition, and subtraction to advanced inter-related concepts where they determine speed, accuracy, robotics for kids is an interactive means of letting children learn and develop their math.

Developing Love for Science 

Robotics is all about science and technology. While studying robotic courses and designing models, children explore various concepts of science and apply it in real life. If they design a robotic crane to lift materials, they have to apply their understanding of mass, force, speed, strength and more. If they are making a solar-powered car, they are using the concepts of electricity and harnessing solar power.

So, when a child works and progresses in their robotics, they explore finer and deeper aspects of science, which also developing their logic, judgment, analysis and application skills. If you wish to explore more and know why your child must learn robotics, click here.

Registering your child in O’Botz Robotics course is a great way to start your child’s journey in robotics. It is a multi-disciplinary program for children aged 8+ years and certain to develop your child’s academic aptitude.

To find O’Botz Robotic classes near you, click here or call: 1877-826-2790

Know what makes coding for kids important in this blog. O’Botz after school programs specializes in coding and robotics for kids.

Coding For Kids: Why Is It Important? | O’Botz Robotics Classes

Know what makes coding for kids important in this blog. O’Botz after school programs specializes in coding and robotics for kids.

According to a study, careers based on STEM will be in great demand in the future. In the coming times, there will be tremendous opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is not surprising that Robotics & coding, which combines science, math, engineering, arts, has become the most sought after discipline.

Children, therefore, must be exposed to Robotics for kids & coding after school programs from an early age so that they can develop certain skills and expertise to fulfil their professional and personal aspirations.

Though it might seem quite difficult for parents to encourage their children for something like coding, it is certainly an attainable reality. Learning to code for children is like learning to speak and write in a specific language – a computer language.

Explore how impactful coding for kids can be:

  1. Learning to code is an excellent way to help children acquire the soft skill of resilience, the ability to bounce back from setbacks or a change. In coding for kids sessions, the lessons of resilience come as a natural byproduct of the entire learning process led by dedicated and experienced coding trainers.
  1. As coding requires children to pay attention and merge themselves into the process, they start nurturing the habit of paying attention to every situation that they come across in their day-to-day life including the academic environment. Their attention span also increases. Children who learn coding are also successful when it comes to developing concentration skills.
  1. Coding also helps children to improve their Math skills. Coding helps children to visualize Maths concepts and explore real-world applications of the concepts. As children start learning coding through a systematic program and proven methodology, they explore creative ways the subject is used in coding.
  1. In coding, children experiment, learn and strengthen their brainpower. Creativity is not always the product, but it is an integral part of the process. A sense of creativity injected in the thought process perceived by children sharpens their thinking abilities. Children start fostering thoughts and ideas that help them to solve problems or at least, contribute to the problem-solving process.

The rise in Google search for ‘coding for kids near me’ shows that parents are increasingly searching for coding classes for their kids. O’Botz is a STEM-based Robotics program for children that teaches them Robotics and coding. It helps children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills for success in school and beyond.

For more information, call: 1877-826-2790 or visit: www.obotz.ca

Develop fine motor skills with various activities including robotics kits for kids by O’botz robotics program.

How to Develop Fine Motor Skills in Children | O’Botz Robotics Classes

Develop fine motor skills with various activities including robotics kits for kids by O’botz robotics program.


The important area of child development to be encouraged this year is to develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are related to the movements that involve smaller muscle groups such as those in the wrist and hand. They help children to explore the world around them independently; it also helps with their cognitive development.

Easy Ways to Develop Motor Skills in Children


Different games such as Hopscotch, Balloon and Bubble Play, and activities such as Hopping, Bouncing, Jumping, Dancing, Catching, Throwing, etc. can be encouraged by parents keeping in mind the interests of their children. These activities and games help children to strengthen their muscles, improve eye-hand coordination, enhance their strength and convert aimless hours after school into the most productive ones.

Even cutting a piece of paper using a scissor develops a child’s fine motor skills because he or she uses muscles in a way that was not employed previously. This activity leads to the independent movements of fingers, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination skills and strong muscles. Another activity that is of equal significance in this regard is playing with dough.

Art Exploration 

This is the most entertaining method of developing motor skills in children who are naturally curious. When children are exposed to artistically unique activity, they work to put themselves totally into it to see how it works.

From simple movements such as grasping pencils, crayons to the complicated activities such as buttoning a coat, arranging blocks in proper order, the process help to improve concentration power and enhance motor skills.


Robotics, also known as the application of practical methods that are involved in science and technology, is an ideal way to establish and improve motor skills in children, while enhancing their cognitive flexibility, technical expertise and real-world skills.

When children get involved in Robotics, they learn organizational and problem-solving skills; they develop the ability to focus on a particular task. Children manipulate the physical component of robotics kits for kids, electronics and controllers.

A highly coordinated hand and finger movements lead to improvements in the fine motor skills in children. A well-designed Robotics program serves as a perfect companion that encourages children to engage in the process which contributes to their motor skills development.

Are you still searching for the robotic classes near me? Here is what you must know.

O’botz is a widely recognized multi-disciplinary Robotics program for children aged 8+ years. It helps children to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills for success in school and beyond.

How To Get Children Learn Coding? | O’Botz Robotics Canada

Coding toys for kids is a great way to develop a child’s interest in coding, programming.

Relevant Today and Tomorrow

In this digital age, coding and programming is basic literacy. It is important for children to study and understand the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics around them. Coding not only improves the computational skills of children but also improves their creativity, Math skills, academic performance, and problem-solving capabilities. Coding at a younger age helps children to attain skills-of-the-future. Though it might be difficult for you to imagine your child learning something that seems complex, coding, and programming for kids is a reality.

What Is Coding? 

Coding is telling a computer to perform a certain task. It involves developing computer programs/applications using programming languages.

How To Make The Process Of Learning Programming For Kids Interesting?

  1. Coding Toys For KidsInstead of spending a lot of money on toys that end up in the trash, parents can consider gifting their dear ones coding toys for kids that introduce STEM concepts to them, activate their brainpower and teach them coding. Learning becomes fun with an age-appropriate coding toy.
  1. Coding Games – Brainstorming and engaging games provide an excellent platform to learn how to code by remembering, and processing new information. Such interesting methods feed children’s creativity and build their confidence level as well. When it comes to coding games, tremendous options can be explored.
  1. Coding Books – As your child takes the first step to become a coding specialist, you need to find a good and reliable source of information; computer languages are typically tricky especially for a young learner. It is important to make a well-known coding book with reliable information, an integral part of your child’s learning process.
  1. Coding Tutorials – Online tutorials present diverse methods and techniques of learning to children. There are many insightful tutorials on coding designed specifically for new learners keeping in mind levels of their knowledge, interest, and patience.
  1. Robotics – This is one way a child can learn coding. A multi-disciplinary robotics program, designed by child development experts, help children to explore technologies in different domains of Programming, Electronics, Mechanical, and Algorithms. These well-designed programs taught through the best learning processes, provide life-long benefits to children in all areas of life and also in the career choices that they make in the future.

One of the most influential factors that redefine humanity on an everyday basis is technological advancements. Children proficient in Robotics will bring in new inventions. Are you wondering what centers for coding for kids near me are?

O’Botz is one of the most reputable and trusted coding centers for kids that offers Robotics Education and thus presents tremendous opportunities to children that contribute to their personal, academic and professional success!

Know how robotics for kids can escalate their learning and development. A blog by O’Botz – robotics after school program for children.

Robots Can Be Your Child’s Best Friend. Here’s how!

Know how robotics for kids can escalate their learning and development. A blog by O’Botz – robotics after school program for children.


More and more parents across Canada understand that robots are more than just fun, and provide a great learning tool. Be it STEM learning, hands-on training or problem solving, robots encourage critical and creative thinking skills.

1. Robots bring out the creative skills in children

Parents might wonder how a machine, technology, logic, and program-driven robots can bring out the creativity in children. However, that’s precisely what robotics for kids can do.

When children explore robotics and try to build working robot models through gears, levers, batteries, motors, sensors, components, coding and more, they are in a way bringing their creative thinking skills in action.

With the same components, they might make an RC-controlled race car, a crane or a windmill. These exercises need creativity and critical thinking and that’s what robotics for kids can provide.

2. Robots ensure children get ‘hands-on learning’

There are several after school programs offering robotics courses and many of them ensure children get hands-on learning. Also referred to as kinesthetic learning, hands-on training allows children to acquire self-knowledge at their own pace, comfort, confidence level, and creative liberties.

Children are encouraged to think, create, inquire and play to check their knowledge and boundaries of imagination & application.

A thoughtfully designed robotics after school program will expose children to trial and errors so that they can use their independent thinking, get their problem-solving approach in action, and even work in collaboration with other kids.

3. Robots can make coding simplified and easier for kids

If you have Google searched ‘coding for kids near me’, you are among several parents who understand the importance of coding and are looking for training classes for their children. Building robot models allows children to code and develop their computational thinking skills. They enhance their logical and sequential thought processes.

During the coding classes, children run and test their code, identify errors and solve them to complete the task. These skills are not limited to robotics, and children use them in all areas of life.

Robots are surely going to play a big part in our everyday lives in the future. Allowing children to get acquainted with robotics and technology will get them well-versed with the latest happening and enhance their learning.

O’Botz is an after school program offering robotics for kids. The program is based on STEM-learning and a great way to introduce coding in kids learning. To locate your nearest O’Botz center, visit: www.obotz.ca/locator

Three things children can develop from a well-designed robotics course | O’Botz

Know the benefits of O’Botz STEM robotics course for kids

The future is and will be further built on robotics. Children of today who go on to become professionals of tomorrow will need to have technical skills to tackle the challenges. Robotics courses offer training to children and help develop their critical and creative thinking skills. In this blog, let’s explore the three key benefits children gain from robotics education.

1. Robotics make children results & solutions-oriented!

Imagine children trying to build a windmill from a set of steel components, fan, batteries, wires, and screws, with professional trainers allowing students to explore their own creativity. It sounds difficult, but that’s how STEM Robotics courses offer training to students. They are beneficial to kids in several ways.

One of them is developing problem-solving skills. During the STEM Robotics education training, children are given tasks to build robotic models, either as an individual or team. They independently come with plans, diagrams, and designs to solve a particular problem. Such consistent practice develops a child’s mindset to come up with their own ideas and solutions every time they face any challenge or obstacle.

2. Robotics education develops coding & technological communication skills

The foundation of well-designed robotics courses lies in computer coding and programming. In an era when technology is the driving force of the world, the value of technical skills is paramount. Children who are well-versed with technical expertise will have a great edge over others when it comes to professional careers.

Robotics for kids ensures that children are exposed to the technical World way earlier in their lives. Coding for kids might seem too much at an early age, but several programs are designed keeping kids in mind and simplify coding language into manageable, practical lessons for any child regardless of age or experience.

3. Robotics courses are a great confidence booster

Parents will love to hear that children who are enrolled in robotics education at a young age develop a striking self-confidence in future math and science. Some STEM-base classes tend to be draggy, and children do not find them interesting. However, robotics for kids is fun, exciting, engaging, and offer meaningful learning.

Building fast robotic cars, designing a windmill, creating their own spinning wheel and other activities give them a great self-confidence. Experts say that self-confidence gained in elementary and high school stays with children their whole life, and this positive attitude will be a great stepping-stone into their university career and professional World.

Enrolling Your Child in a Robotics Program

O’Botz is a multi-disciplinary Robotics program for children aged 8+ years. The program lets children develop critical thinking and creative skills for success in school and beyond. For more information, call: 1877-826-2790

Is your child ready for futuristic STEM Careers? Explore here

STEM learning and STEM robotics are taught at O’Botz after school program

Ever heard of professional careers like Robot Paramedic, AI Lawyer, or a Tele-surgeon? If no, there’s no need to feel left out. All of the mentioned professional careers are among the futuristic jobs that will be in demand, and children will need to be geared up for that. STEM learning will play a critical role in shaping the careers of children of today.

In this blog, we have explored some of the most exciting careers that HRs will have on their top priorities.

1. Drone Manager

Drones are everywhere today. Right from military purpose to delivery use, drones are being used for several objectives. STEM robotics can help children get well-versed in designing and using drones.

2. Robot Paramedic

Imagine a paramedic van equipped with robotic assistance and a live video call with doctors at the hospital. Such innovations aren’t too far, and children who are technically well-versed will undoubtedly play a vital role in the future.

3. VR Experience Designer

A few years back, Pokemon augmented reality game was a rage. Everyone was on the streets looking for Pikachu. These experiences are based on virtual reality, which is already going mainstream. STEM learning can help children prepare for the virtual reality concept.

4. Commercial Space Pilot

With private companies like SpaceX taking rapid strides into space, the future is near where Commercial Space Pilots will be needed. STEM robotics can play a crucial role in instilling crucial technical skills in the pilots of tomorrow.

5. AI Lawyer

A year back, a self-driving car killed a woman in Arizona. So, is it the car or the manufacturing company at fault? All such scenarios are possible, and only children who have STEM learning skills will be able to take up AI-related jobs.

6. 3D Food Printer Engineer

3D printed food is the next big thing. Technology to print all kinds of processed foods is already here, with cakes and candies the simplest example. In the coming years, 3D food printer engineers will be in demand.

7. The Tele-surgeon

Tele-surgery is making rapid advancements. During emergency cases in the future, who knows a drone might be used to airdrop a tele-surgery unit in hard-to-access locations, and a tele-surgeon will conduct a medical operation from distant places.

8. Digital Currency Advisor

Digital currencies are making great inroads in our lives. Bitcoin is something you must have heard, right? Digital currency advisors who understand the technicalities of cryptocurrencies will be needed to manage financial portfolios in the future.

9. Augmented Reality Architect

Businesses are already making the most of augmented reality to promote their brand products and services. Children who choose to become augmented reality architects are surely going to top the charts in the near future.

10. Chief Digital Officer

A chief digital officer, who can integrate digital thinking throughout the business operations, is the new profile large corporations are already putting up on their recruitment list. Children with STEM learning advantage can certainly look up to become the CDOs.

The practical approach advocated by O’Botz after school program encourages children to implement effective techniques required for building innovative projects with STEM robotics. It makes learning a fun activity and equips them with skills & experiences to excel in futuristic careers.