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STEM learning and STEM robotics are taught at O’Botz after school program

Ever heard of professional careers like Robot Paramedic, AI Lawyer, or a Tele-surgeon? If no, there’s no need to feel left out. All of the mentioned professional careers are among the futuristic jobs that will be in demand, and children will need to be geared up for that. STEM learning will play a critical role in shaping the careers of children of today.

In this blog, we have explored some of the most exciting careers that HRs will have on their top priorities.

1. Drone Manager

Drones are everywhere today. Right from military purpose to delivery use, drones are being used for several objectives. STEM robotics can help children get well-versed in designing and using drones.

2. Robot Paramedic

Imagine a paramedic van equipped with robotic assistance and a live video call with doctors at the hospital. Such innovations aren’t too far, and children who are technically well-versed will undoubtedly play a vital role in the future.

3. VR Experience Designer

A few years back, Pokemon augmented reality game was a rage. Everyone was on the streets looking for Pikachu. These experiences are based on virtual reality, which is already going mainstream. STEM learning can help children prepare for the virtual reality concept.

4. Commercial Space Pilot

With private companies like SpaceX taking rapid strides into space, the future is near where Commercial Space Pilots will be needed. STEM robotics can play a crucial role in instilling crucial technical skills in the pilots of tomorrow.

5. AI Lawyer

A year back, a self-driving car killed a woman in Arizona. So, is it the car or the manufacturing company at fault? All such scenarios are possible, and only children who have STEM learning skills will be able to take up AI-related jobs.

6. 3D Food Printer Engineer

3D printed food is the next big thing. Technology to print all kinds of processed foods is already here, with cakes and candies the simplest example. In the coming years, 3D food printer engineers will be in demand.

7. The Tele-surgeon

Tele-surgery is making rapid advancements. During emergency cases in the future, who knows a drone might be used to airdrop a tele-surgery unit in hard-to-access locations, and a tele-surgeon will conduct a medical operation from distant places.

8. Digital Currency Advisor

Digital currencies are making great inroads in our lives. Bitcoin is something you must have heard, right? Digital currency advisors who understand the technicalities of cryptocurrencies will be needed to manage financial portfolios in the future.

9. Augmented Reality Architect

Businesses are already making the most of augmented reality to promote their brand products and services. Children who choose to become augmented reality architects are surely going to top the charts in the near future.

10. Chief Digital Officer

A chief digital officer, who can integrate digital thinking throughout the business operations, is the new profile large corporations are already putting up on their recruitment list. Children with STEM learning advantage can certainly look up to become the CDOs.

The practical approach advocated by O’Botz after school program encourages children to implement effective techniques required for building innovative projects with STEM robotics. It makes learning a fun activity and equips them with skills & experiences to excel in futuristic careers.

Is your child ready for the future jobs? O’Botz STEM Program

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Ever heard of Chief Environment Officer, Airspace Simulation Specialist, Space Geographer or Silicon Mining Expert? The chances are surely slim. According to experts, the World is sure to see such new job profiles emerge in the coming years. Children who are studying today will need specialized skills to cater to the demands of the future. STEM education is going to play a pivot role in a child’s success tomorrow.

STEM education has garnered increasing popularity these days. STEM simply stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM integrates concepts taught separately in a conventional educational environment. Due to its multi-disciplinary, engaging, cognitive, and innovative knowledge acquiring techniques, followed by its application to real-life situations, STEM has become the buzz word in education. By exposing students to STEM learning, profound benefits can be acquired.

Key Benefits of STEM for Kids: Must Read!

  1. Familiarity with Technology

It prepares children for present and upcoming technological innovations. A child learns the art of being proactive and attentive to details.

  1. Application-based Learning

Knowledge is taught the way it is used in real life. The concepts and engaging teaching methodology are interwoven flawlessly, helping a child to integrate and even apply his knowledge. This leads to an enhanced understanding of concepts.

  1. Creativity & Innovation

STEM education instills creativity and innovation which act as fuel for new ideas and creative approaches to problems.

  1. Soft Skills Development

STEM education, imparted by experienced, empathetic and highly knowledgeable educators, teaches the value of teamwork, communication and collaboration to children of all levels and abilities.

  1. Problem-solving

STEM education inculcates problem-solving skills. Students learn to identify, analyze and solve problems while working on projects.

  1. Risk-Taking

Most importantly, children develop risk-taking abilities, stand up for their ideas and learn to make things happen even after failure. A strong determination power follows.

  1. Love for Learning

The biggest contribution made by STEM education is that it fosters a love of learning and ‘do it yourself’ method in children.

 Equally Impactful for Entire World! Isn’t It?

Thus, robust STEM education creates problem-solvers, critical thinkers and innovators. According to a study, it is predicted that 80% of the jobs or career opportunities to be created in the next decade will require some set of science and math skills. So, it is time to encourage STEM learning and make the current generation evolve scientifically and technically. Since, science, mathematics, and engineering play a crucial role in the sustained growth of any economy, it is the responsibility of parents to transform how their children think with STEM education and make a valuable contribution to the growth of mankind.

O’Botz is a multi-disciplinary STEM-based Robotics program for children aged 8+ years. The program develops critical and creative thinking skills in children. For more information, call: 1877-826-2790.