O’Botz Think Out of the Book Robotics Challenge

The benefits of getting introduced to STEM learning & Robotics at an early stage can be life-changing for children. From playing our favorite songs on voice command to robotic arms performing complex cardiac surgeries, technology and robotics have become indispensable in our lives. Experts opine that majority of future careers will be based on STEM learning & robotics. Children who get well-versed with robotics will lead the way in the future.

How to participate?

  • Participating student needs to create an innovative project which is not listed in the book.
  • Give a unique, catchy and suitable name to the project.
  • Participant can use any parts or components from current and previous levels kit.
  • Participant can use any raw material like colour paper or any kind of crafts to decorate the project.
  • The student needs to be an active online Participant .
  • Participant must wear O’Botz t-shirt while capturing the video(if they have).

$50 Gift Card for Top 2 Winners

How to Submit the Project?

  • Click 5 photographs at intermediate times while creating the project.
  • Capture 1-minute video (maximum length – 2 minutes) of working model and concept explanation.
  • Upload the photograph and video with file name as Name_CenterLocationName(e.g. Mark_Meadowale) via O’Botz Events page on O’Botz website

Submissions: 22nd May to 5th June.
Results: 15th June.

Winning Criteria:

  • Innovative project idea & name
  • Project should be a working model
  • Integration with previous level

For more information,please write to