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Look into the future and you’ll find that it is built on artificial intelligence. From simple functions of food delivery to handling of complex machines, every area is instilled with robots & machines.

With O’Botz after school program, prepare your child to contribute in creating this future. It is a comprehensive program for children aged 8 – 16 years that equips them with the necessary skills in the domains of electronics, mechanical, programming & algorithms. It nurtures a child’s inquisitive mind with engaging hands-on techniques & experiments.

Prepare your child for an innovative future with O’Botz!



Exciting techniques
that teach crucial skills

A new project to build & new challenge
to overcome every session.


STEM learning boosts confidence

Personal attention to every child
encouraging creativity & confidence.


Early understanding of
scientific concepts

Unique STEM curriculum for learning
that impacts positively at school.


Hands-on challenges

Experiment with real-world
problems & makes learning fun.


Robotics & STEM Program at a
young age

Nurture a child’s curiosity & get them
excited about STEM

Strengthening the
roots of learning with

The STEM approach involves Science, Technology, Engineering & Math that nurture the inquisitive minds of young children & develops critical thinking. Every child wants to build a robot & O’Botz equips them with the necessary STEM skills to do so.

Kids learn by doing. They love to make things. And they love to make things that
move and respond to their commands. STEM learning teaches them to bring their imagination to life by exploring technology in domains of Electronics, Mechanical, Programming and Algorithms.

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